Tagging Items

  • Be sure to clearly describe your items (i.e. list name brands, color, new, only worn once, 2 piece set, etc).
  • Absolutely no handwritten tags. If you need to make changes to a printed tag, you must reprint that tag.
  • Price your items at a minimum starting price of $2.00.
    • If the value is less than $2.00 then pair it with other items until you feel the value meets or exceeds the minimum.
    • Price items in increments of $0.50 cents.
  • You have the option to reduce your price by 50% for the final day of the sale.  If you wish to participate select “reduce” when creating your tags.
  • If you wish to donate your unsold items, select “donate” when creating your tags.
  • Tags for toys and bigger baby items must be taped to that item. You may also tape your consignor # to the bottom of the item in case the tag gets lost.
  • ALL clothing that can be hung must be hung on wire or plastic hangers.
  • Hangers will not be returned to the consignors.
  • Use safety pins to attach tags.
  • Attach safety pin horizontally on the top of the tag.
  • Attach tag on upper right of clothing item.
  • For clothing sets, hang the top on the hanger and pin the pants to the upper part of the back of the hanger. Both pieces can be viewed without unpinning them.
  • Matching shoes, bedding, or accessories must be placed into a Ziploc bag.

If you are unable to tag your items, please see our Tagging Assistance Program.

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