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The amount of clothing, shoes, baby gear, and recreational equipment we have acquired over the years is outrageous.  Do we really need to keep what was bought for our older children until the youngest will be able to use it?  By that time a newer version will be available and he or she will most likely want something different anyway.

Second Round Consignments LLC is excited to offer a sale that will allow families to get rid of their clutter and make some extra money by selling items that are no longer needed by their children.  Additionally, other families can purchase gently used items that are in great condition and reasonably priced.

Our goal is to bring our consignment sale to areas around Indiana that may not otherwise have a sale in their location.  We will strive to help charities and schools around our sale locations.  We will offer a positive shopping experience by only presenting the best our consignors have to offer.

Sara Althouse  (salthouse@secondroundconsignments.com)
My husband and I live in Noblesville and have been together for 20 years.  We have four beautiful daughters that range in age from 7 to 16.  It is hard to believe we have a daughter that can drive already!  I work in a preschool and love the interaction with the children there.  My husband and I also operate seasonal stores for fireworks and Halloween in Noblesville and Elwood every year.  A seasonal children’s consignment sale fits into my lifestyle perfectly.  Second Round Consignments gives me the opportunity to utilize this service for my own family and bring it to your family!

Rachel Vitug  (rvitug@secondroundconsignments.com)
My husband and I have been married for just over a year now and we are looking forward to starting a family of our own.  When we heard about the consignment sale geared toward secondhand children’s clothing, toys, and accessories we thought it sounded like a great idea.  Growing up I never really thought about how my parents managed to keep up with clothes and other gear for three girls.  I have an identical twin and a sister who is just 17 months younger.  With three girls all the same size, they had to buy three new sets of everything every year.  I discussed the idea with my Mom and she told me that her “mothers of multiples” group used to do a small version of this since they couldn’t do hand-me-downs. I’m excited to help bring this service to all parents!

Celeste Chua (cchua@secondroundconsignments.com)
I have been married for 14 years and I am blessed to be the mother of four wonderful, constantly on-the-go children.  After we had our first son, my husband and I decided that I would become a stay-at-home mom to try and keep up with the demands of parenting.  Jordan, 11, keeps us busy with his schoolwork and his love for basketball and football. I absolutely LOVE watching him play sports. Chloe, 9, loves “all things girl”.  She loves to help take care of her siblings and can even hold her own when it comes down to her two brothers.  Cruz is our kindhearted 6 year old son.  He is extremely curious and asks a lot of questions.  He wants to keep up with his big brother and sister and does not let anything get in his way.  Morgan is our newest addition. She is the baby sister that Chloe has always wanted.  I am happy she has a sister to be her best friend throughout life.

As the kids continue to grow, having the opportunity to spend time with them on a daily basis is something that I will cherish forever.   As you can imagine with four children, we have collected an abundance of clothing, toys, shoes, and accessories over the course of several years.  My husband and I both asked the question, “What are we going to do with all of this stuff?”  With that question, an idea quickly became a reality by starting this company called Second Round Consignments (SRC)!


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